I’m just one Dad trying to do the right thing for my child and for yours!  I fight for quality care, because I have no other choice but to fight every day!  You can help by sharing your story and encouraging others to do the same. For the sake of our children, we need our voices to be heard.  Our fight is making headway, but we need to demonstrate there are thousands of you out there.  Thousands of moms and dads that will not be quiet, but that will stand up and speak out until our last breath, so that our children have every opportunity to get the autism services and the ABA they need. 

If you are fighting to get your child Autism Services let the Policymakers hear your voice and share your story: https://www.facebook.com/StrugglingtoGetAutismServicesinPA?ref=hl


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My Story: 

On January 23, 2012, my son was diagnosed with Autism. I remember the date, because it’s the day my world changed forever! 

I’m a husband and father, but I’m also an Autism Dad in a family who has struggled for more than three years to get the help my son needs.  In those years, no amount of work or fight has resulted in our securing the required number of ABA hours prescribed for him. 

As parents, we could not stand by and do nothing, so we decided to become advocates. We joined forces with a group of parents, industry professionals, and lawmakers dedicated to change the future for all children in Pennsylvania with Autism.  We started this page to be heard, to fight, and to lobby for a better tomorrow. 

We have been told for years that we could not have ABA provided through Medical Assistance, and our private insurance also does not cover ABA.  While we have found some excellent private BCBA ABA providers, it’s still not possible to secure the number of hours of ABA therapy prescribed for our child.

With the limited private ABA we can find / afford paying out-of-pocket, our son has made gains, and it is largely due to those limited ABA services that we have seen any gain at all.  For too many years, we have been frustrated, knowing our child needs more, and worrying what will happen for him in the future if we do not find a way to overcome the problems with our State’s services for these children.  We constantly wonder how much greater his developmental gains could have been if he had the right care for past three years, and can’t allow ourselves to think too much about all that time lost.   

Pennsylvania is failing these children.  We know we are not alone.  We know there are thousands of Autism Moms & Dads out there that cannot find quality help for their children.  We ask you to join us in demanding Pennsylvania do better!

When your child doesn’t have a voice, YOU MUST be the voice for them!