Our mission within the ABA in PA Initiative has always been: to increase access to qualified professionals, increase access to behavior analytic services and ensure that our ABA providers have the highest level of expertise. 

Over the past few months our group has been working tirelessly to meet these objectives. We are excited and pleased to announce that the ABA in PA Initiative, in conjunction with Rep. Tom Murt and Rep. Tom Mehaffie are putting forth legislation for licensing Behavior Analysts! The Better Access to Treatment Act will differ from the current “Behavior Specialist” licensure created in Act 62. The Act 62 licenses focuses on providing treatment to children with Autism, however the Better Access to Treatment Act will provide help to the millions of individuals that need quality ABA treatment regardless of diagnosis or age.

Our mission is twofold: to task our team of professionals and academics to review this bill and ensure that the language within the bill provides high quality ABA services to those that truly need it; our leadership team is also tasked with meeting local legislators to explain to them why this bill is important, why they need to co-sponsor the bill and how this bill will improve the overall quality of services available in PA.

The Better Access to Treatment Act (BAT) will be voted on in committee in September!

We will be providing continual updates to this process as more information is made available.


Want to make a difference?  

Email your PA State Representative, you can copy the below email template: 

Dear Representative _________:

I am a (parent/professional/concerned citizen) living in your district. As you are aware, people in our Commonwealth face many challenges:

• Opioid and other substance abuse addictions, 
• Rising medical costs associated with obesity and other treatable conditions
• Problems linked to an aging population 
• Care for our returning veterans suffering from PTSD, and
• Tens of thousands of toddlers and school-aged children facing special developmental needs such as autism, Down’s syndrome, and ADHD.

We need the right professionals to aid our citizens living with, or recovering from, such issues. Further, you may agree that our systems require more accountability to ensure our limited dollars are spent solving critical issues efficiently. 
While there is no “magic bullet” to solve so many problems, there is a non-controversial, non-partisan, and evidenced based option available.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a data-driven, research-based approach with decades of science confirming its validity, and is proven effective in all of these critical areas (and more).

Yet sadly, our Commonwealth is behind 29 other States, and sets no standards for the licensing of those professionals who would treat Pennsylvanians facing these serious and challenging behavioral, developmental, physical, mental or general health issues.

The BETTER ACCESS TO TREATMENT “BAT” ACT sponsored by Representatives Mehaffie and Murt, will recognize ABA as a unique discipline, and offers a uniform path to licensure by aligning PA with national practice standards for those who would bring ABA to citizens of our Commonwealth.

I respectfully request that you review the legislation and urge you to sign on as a cosponsor. Passage of this legislation would be a “win-win” for the healthcare industry, the insurers who provide the benefits, and of course the citizens themselves, who all stand to gain from the delivery of enhanced and clinically proven interventions. 
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



Link to How to find Your Legislator: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/findyourlegislator/



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