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Update on HB19:

Work on the bill progresses. With the appropriation hearings that are preparing for the annual budget taking the priority for most lawmakers and lobbyists in Harrisburg, our lobbyist used this to our advantage. She was able to plant a question about HB19 in a public forum to the OHMSAS secretary. Using the Secretary’s answer as an opening, we are working to get a meeting directly with this Secretary to share our story and get support for HB19.

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About Us

ABA in PA Initiative works to ensure access to ethical, identity-affirming ABA that centers on improving quality of life to anyone who needs it, at any stage. Our mission is to increase access to qualified behavior analytic professionals, and ensure that our ABA providers have the highest level of expertise.

Our Mission

To increase access to qualified professionals, behavior analytic services, and ensure that our ABA providers have the highest level of expertise.

Our Vision


Members volunteer their time & efforts to develop resources to educate families & individuals on ABA, effective treatments, evidence-based treatment for autism & where/how to access services.


Attract highly-qualified individuals to Pennsylvania & encourage those already practicing under state regulations to stay here.


Develop high quality future clinicians through supervision & experience standards that align with the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board).


Member agencies demonstrate a commitment to consistent high quality & ethical ABA practices.

ABA in PA Initiative

The ABAinPA Initiative is an advocacy organization made up of individuals, families, industry professionals, lawmakers and others dedicated to improving the future for those in Pennsylvania by ensuring access to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.