What is our Embark Service Guide?

Getting started with ABA services for your child can be overwhelming. In this publication we break down important topics related to ABA services. We encourage you to take in the information at your own pace and reference different parts of the guide as needed on your family’s journey.

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What is our Apps Guide?

Many families ask about tablet applications – “apps.  Please know that apps should be used with therapist and parent supervision to support the child’s speech practice or to assist them in their communication attempts.  Some apps are for speech practice while others are for providing an augmentative/alternative communication tool.

Why are so many families pursuing tablets and apps for their children?  For a number of reasons – that many children are quite fascinated and engaged by the interactive nature of apps and because they provide other ways to communicate what children who struggle to speak want to say and what they know.  Apps can help extend speech, language and educational practice and/or can be used for motivation and reinforcement for practice.

Due to the ever changing nature of technology, new apps are always available. The ABA in PA Initiative does not endorse any specific apps nor is this list all-inclusive. The directory is meant only to be a guide/resource.

Apps Guide

Public Resources

ABA in PA’s Resources are an index of online information & resources for parents, industry professionals, lawmakers & advocates.

Where to find help
How to file a complaint

How to file a File a Complaint with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

How to File a complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of Special Education

How to File a complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of State

How to File a complaint with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board


Legislative updates

The Better Access to Treatment (BAT) Act for Licensure of Behavior Analysts

View Bill Information HERE
Download Bill HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the ABA in PA Initiative exist?

When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, families are devastated. The emotions are palpable. But most often, the treatment path is clear, the professionals are available, and caregivers are provided a path forward. In 2012, this was not the case when an individual was diagnosed with autism. Despite decades of research and evidence concluding that ABA is best practice, the ecosystem of Pennsylvania left families living with autism empty handed and lost. ABA in PA was born to solve the challenges faced by Pennsylvanians in search of quality ABA based care.

What does the ABA in PA Initiative do?

An organization built by passionate families, providers, and community stakeholders, the ABA in PA Initiative works at multiple levels to improve the ABA ecosystem in Pennsylvania. At the individual level ABA in PA helps families find appropriate providers by publishing a directory of over 200 ABA providers in the State. Using community partners, ABA in PA works with Legislators to inform regulations and laws. Finally, by organizing the provider community, agencies impact their local community, strategize best practices as employers and impact the professional practices in the State.

ABA in PA Initiative

The ABAinPA Initiative is an advocacy organization made up of individuals, families, industry professionals, lawmakers and others dedicated to improving the future for those in Pennsylvania by ensuring access to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.