ABA in PA Initiative

Our mission is to increase access to qualified professionals, behavior analytic services, and ensure that our ABA providers have the highest level of expertise.

Friends of ABA in PA Initiative

The ABA in PA Initiative’s impact would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and grantors. Their contributions and grants are helping tochange the future for all children in Pennsylvania with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their generosity makes our work possible and we thank them.


  • Carrie Leigh Kehoe-Ryan (Memorial)


  • Behavior Therapy International
  • ABA Support Services, LLC
  • Achieving True Self
  • Behavior Interventions
  • The Matrix, LLC 
  • Verbal Beginnings
  • Erin Farrell


  • Building Blocks Behavioral Services, Inc.
  • Allegheny Behavior Analysis Services, LLC 
  • Early Autism Services
  • PAAC
  • All Bright , LLC
  • Exceptional Connections
  • The Journey Center
  • Little Stars Learning Academy
  • Helping Hands, LLC
  • First Children Services
  • Attain ABA


  • ABYay, LLC
  • Mission Autism Clinics
  • The Gregory Center
  • Aspire Child & Family Services, Inc.
  • Connect Plus Therapy – committed
  • Expressive Pathways, LLC
  • Traina Behavioral Consulting, LLC
  • Swank Early Skills, LLC
  • Intervention Fundamentals
  • Keystone Behavior Services
  • Team Counseling Concepts
  • DCS Applied Behavior Analysis, LLC
  • Tracey Boyd


  • ABA Beginnings, LLC
  • Bluebird ABA, LLC
  • Brandstein Family Services
  • Behavior and Education Support Services
  • Thrive Therapy
  • Matter of Minds Health & Wellness, LLC
  • Keystone Applied Behavior Analysis, LLC

ABA in PA Initiative

The ABAinPA Initiative is an advocacy organization made up of individuals, families, industry professionals, lawmakers and others dedicated to improving the future for those in Pennsylvania by ensuring access to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.